Wordpress Websites

Working With Wordpress Websites

We do work with Wordpress websites from time to time however we advise against using Wordpress for the reasons set out on this page. We have a CMS that we use that is superior to Wordpress in every single way and we highly recommend using it. You will be far less stressed about editing your website and manage your content with much more ease.

However if you are in a situation where you absolutely must use Wordpress, then let us know and we will see if we can help you.

Why We Recommend NOT Using Wordpress

Security Issues

There are hundreds of security holes that exist in WordPress which makes it extremely easy for hackers, spammers and other people with malicious intent to target and hijack your website. An estimated 90% of hacked sites online are running WordPress, and those hacks happen on mostly up-to-date installs. It's the most targeted and vulnerable CMS on the internet today. It's built on an old code base whose plugin system leaves it consistently open to attack.

The CMS we use is completely secure, has never been hacked, and has a brand new up-to-date code base making it much more secure.

Complicated and Confusing Interface

It is widely advertised that WordPress is a great platform for anyone to build a website and is extremely beginner-friendly. However, anyone who has used Wordpress as a beginner knows that this is far from the truth, and this platform is actually quite difficult to use and not beginner-friendly at all.

The CMS we use is far superior in it's user interface and design. The user interface is regarded as one of, if not THE best of any CMS available. It is easy to understand, modern and powerful and you will be amazed at how easy editing your website is.

Constant Updates Due To Bugs

Wordpress needs to be constantly updated (on average every 2-3 weeks minimum) to keep on top of security and maintenance issues. This means that it increases the cost and frustration of using Wordpress to a huge degree. It also means there is a lot of Wordpress websites out there that aren't up to date which makes them easy hacking targets. Updates also often break website functions and on every update, everything has to be tested.

The CMS we use has a full time paid staff, along with the very engaged community, who test updates and ensure that everything is up-to-date and working perfectly in every update required.

No Official Support

Another negative of using WordPress for a site is that there is no official support for the platform if there is problems or security issues. There is no official WordPress support team that you can contact, and the only forms of support that exist are from plugin and theme developers, volunteer support and WP communities made up of random people around the world that use WordPress.

The CMS we use has full time staff completely devoted to maintaining and updating the platform and ensuring it is secure and bug free.


The speed of a website affects the SEO as well as the general user experience. Due to the required plugins, as well as the fact that WordPress caters for many different styles of websites and has lots of features that are often unused, the code is very ‘bloated’. This means you’re server is processing a lot more code than it needs to which means each page is slower and cannot run as optimised as it could and should.

The CMS we use was designed as a modern CMS to only do exactly what is required with no unnecessary overheads, and therefore run very efficiently. It is unbelievably fast.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are lots of SEO plugins for WordPress, and by picking and choosing the correct ones you can achieve a certain level of optimisation. However, you never have the fine control that you get with a custom website, and therefore full search engine optimisation is not possible. Also because of the inherent code bloating and slower speed of Wordpress sites, SEO is penalised.


Once you have seen our CMS in action and used it to edit a website you would never ever go back to Wordpress for any reason at all.

We can provide you with the best experience you could have for editing your website. Contact us today to find out more.